The cover of MLB 07: The Show

MLB 07: The Show was released February 27, 2007 for the PlayStation 2 and PSP. The PlayStation 3 version was released May 15, 2007. It was developed by SCE San Diego Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment.

Cover AthleteEdit

The cover athlete for MLB 07: The Show is New Yorks Mets third baseman David Wright. Wright made his first All-Star Game in 2006.

New FeaturesEdit

  • New Road to the Show. RttS (Road to the Show) is a career mode where you control everything your player does. Things like training and going through the minor leagues to prepair for the big leagues.
  • The PlayStation 3 version will have a "Always Online" feature which gives you MLB live score updates, live roster updates, and much more.
  • Set up online leagues with 6-30 teams with full stat tracker.
  • New Rivalry Mode allow you to set up a series of games between you and a friend or the computer.
  • New Franchise Mode which gives you the experience of running a major league ballclub.
  • New umpire personalities. Different umpires have different strike zones.
  • Now wind effects everything. Wind will effect how a player takes a route to the ball.


Artist Song
A Static Lullaby Hang 'Em High
Alexisonfire This Could be Anywhere in the World
Chevelle Antisaint
Earl Greyhound All Better Now
Early Man Feeding Frenzy
Embassy Gravity
Fall Out Boy The Carpal Tunnel of Love
Halifax Nightmare
Jet Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
Maxeen Loud as War
My Chemical Romance This is How I Disappear
Over It Caught in a Rundown
Ratatat Loud Pipes
Switchfoot Oh! Gravity
Test Your Reflex Black Hearts
The Checks What You Heard
The Photo Atlas Red, Orange, Yellow
Wolfmother Joker and the Thief
Wylde Bunch Yeah Yeah (Stomp the Bleachers)


  • The reason Barry Bonds is not in the game is because he was not on the MLBPA (Major League Baseball Players Association) when the game was made, but was replaced by a fake player Reggie Stocker.
  • The reason Daisuke Matsuzaka is not in the game is the same reason why Bonds wasn't in it, but Matsuzaka was replaced by a fake player Tate Baik.


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